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Case Study – Bond Collective: Replacing an internal solution with an outsource solution

Updated: Nov 20, 2018

Greenparc doesn’t come on as a vendor. We come on as a partner. We understand that every space and client is different and that one size does not fit all.

By Greenparc Team

As we discussed in our most recent blog post, facilities management has transitioned from a cost-center to a revenue generating source for companies. Companies now think about their workspaces the way hospitality companies have always thought about theirs.

Enter Bond Collective. Bond Collective is a fast-growing shared workspace company known for thoughtfully curating boutique work environments in its five locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn. The look and feel of each space directly reflects their brand, so not only is the design important, the maintenance and cleanliness of the space are crucial.

Given the company’s growth plans, the need for a facilities management partner that could help them scale was evident. Greenparc’s experience in the coworking space, our hospitality first approach, and the way in which we partner with our clients made for an ideal fit.

One of the first operational objectives was streamlining the shifts for all of the staff at each of the locations. With clear and consistent shifts across each location, scheduling would be easier and call-outs more manageable. Given that some staff were primarily Spanish-speaking, we also felt it important to allocate one of our bilingual supervisors to ensure communication would always be smooth.

A closer look at our other tasks provides further evidence of our differentiation:

- Recruiting and training new staff.

- Training and mentoring staff members on supervisory tracks.

- Administering weekly payroll.

- Working with design team to ensure proper brand promotion across all locations.

- Providing cleaning and maintenance staff and management to new location opening team.

Our belief is that every new client relationship we on-board should start with a deep clean of the space(s) as that is the best way to learn a space and start fresh. Bond Collective completely agreed with that and in the first few weeks of our partnership, deep cleans were carried out.

The appearance of a company’s workspace is a major recruiting and retention tool, so companies are investing in their workspaces making sure the amenities they offer are as good or better than their competition. This starts with cleanliness, as a clean office directly determines how efficient the office operates and how happy the employees are every day.

The challenge for companies is to weigh the cost benefit decision of managing that process internally versus outsourcing. Outsourcing can impact a company’s brand, both positively and negatively. Outsourcing brings about another relationship to manage. And this is where and why Greenparc saw an opportunity to disrupt the traditional facilities management business. We focus on the positives (strong employee sourcing, scalability, diverse expertise), we eliminate the negatives (lack of quality control, lack of accountability), we implement technology to support our backend, and that combination allows us to provide a superior service at a price that beats most of our competition.

Greenparc doesn’t come on as a vendor. We come on as a partner. We understand that every space and client is different and that one size does not fit all. Ultimately every business has to establish and manage a brand. And that brand is no longer just an external facing challenge, it’s also a reflection in the mirror for each person inside the walls on the team.


Looking for a boutique environment for your team and company? Looking for something more unique to the neighborhood with thoughtful design throughout? Reach out to our friends at Bond Collective and tell them we sent you. Use code GreenBond2018 and get 15% off your first month’s rent. (

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