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Customer Service at Greenparc

Updated: May 30, 2021

Customer service can either make or break a business. At Greenparc we have a relentless approach towards being the best within the facilities management industry. That model is instilled within the organization. Our Operations Team has a hands on approach to ensure we meet and exceed our clients expectations. Whether it is daily walk thrus, inventory checks, client meetings, etc. We are highly invested and dedicated to bringing a flawless approach to each and every one of our clients. Greenparc is pushing the bar and doing things differently than your normal facilities management company.

By Greenparc Team

Greenparc is a one stop shop where we tailor our services to the client’s needs. With our facilities maintenance service, we provide a superior staff to ensure that our clients spaces are cleaned to Greenparc standards. Every staff member is given the proper tools to complete his/her tasks and succeed, from training techniques and time management skills to supplies. Supervisor's have detail walk thru to ensure our staff members have the knowledge of the tasks at hand before and after the job. We have task sheets for each of our clients which is checked by our supervisor's to ensure everything is being done to meet clients needs. Additonally, we provide management services, by handling call outs, placing/tracking suply orders, inventory checks as well as approving payroll. Additionally, we provide handyman services to meet client tailored request's such as broken faucet, urinal, assembling furniture, painting, fixing door locks etc. We aim to partner with our clients and make the clients experience as seamless and easy as possible!

Client expectations are one of the many things Greenparc takes pride in. Addressing and resolving client requests/issues in a timely manner is crucial and shows the client how much we value their business. At Greenparc we have the luxury of having Supervisor's at any time to tackle these requests/issues as soon as possible. We are determined to change the industry with a different business model that suit the modern area. We at Greenparc will continue to excel and provide top notch customer service.

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