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The Evolution of the Office

Updated: May 30, 2021

Although Greenparc manages offices, fitness centers, retail establishments, and more, I'd like to touch base about the evolution of offices throughout the last 2 decades. Greenparc was born out of office cleaning.

By Greenparc Team

1970s Office

In the 1970s and 1980s, many organization wanted to create privacy on the office floor while allowing an open, collaborative space. The cube farm was born. Cubicle layouts where used with cheap furniture and eventually companies began to compress as many people into a space as possible. The introduction of computers left people connecting to other virtually instead of meeting in person. This all stifled creativity and made offices across the country indistinguishable.

After the 2000s, companies recognized the need to become different to attract quality talent. The attention to employee morale was utmost important. The office environment began to blend social and work life together. Workplace design and quality was top of mind. Offices got more unique; colorful walls, vibrant furniture, games, larger breakout and meeting spaces, and more food and coffee options were added. Offices became custom domains that varied widely from one another.

Greenparc was built to handle the modern day office. The team utilizes new processes both for on-boarding custom office spaces to running the day-to-day. The tech-enabled business allows the business to react quickly but with quality on many facility management functions such as deep cleaning, moving, handyman work, day porter services, and more. Our team is forward thinking as are many of our high growth clients. We welcome change.

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