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The Future of Facilities Management is Here

Greenparc is breaking the typical business model and confronting the seemingly "typical" issues that clients face head on.

By Greenparc Team

Mondrian Park Ave

The need for superior service in the facilities management space has been increasingly more evident over the last year. Gone are the days where companies can do a mediocre job and get away with it. Whether it be commercial cleaning or day porter services in an office, housekeeping in a hotel or supplies and products at a coworking space, day to day maintenance has a dramatic impact on the atmosphere and over all energy of a space. Making an office a place where one wants to be will not only improve the productivity of employees but will also affect the quality of life during the 40+ hour work week. Superior service is a strong factor in helping our clients set themselves apart from their competitors.

This has been the case in numerous industries - Uber, for instance, provides a better service than what existed previously in the ride hailing business. In the facilities management space you have large, archaic businesses that have a similar mentality of accepting the flaws and hinderances as part of the business and industry as a whole. We don't believe that this is the case. There is a typical business model, that can be altered, which is why Greenparc is breaking the typical business model and confronting the seemingly "typical" issues that clients face head on.

With the evolution of companies as well as businesses across the globe, many are now using their work space as a marketing/recruiting tool for employees/tenants/members/guests etc. Poor service simply does not align with this approach. As the business evolves, all aspects must advance as well in order to help our clients achieve a better experience in their workspace. Greenparc does this in several ways:

1. Incentivization of staff - making sure staff are clear on what they need to do and their incentives are aligned with ours and our clients. Often staff members are thrown into unfamiliar spaces which leads to miscommunication and poor quality. At Greenparc, individualizing each client experience is essential to providing the best service.

2. Superior supervision - adding another layer of supervision to each client allows for less chance of mistakes and gives the staff a reliable resource to use for reference/questions.

3. Client response - we pride ourselves on catering to whatever requests our clients have - this can vary greatly! Our operations team ensure that every request or issue is dealt with in a very timely manner, which dramatically improves the quality of the work done.

4. One-stop shop - We provide our clients with a seamless and hassle free experience and handle everything from supplies, products, coffee etc. as well as handyman services if the need arises.

The future of facilities management is here. We, at Greenparc, are excited and happy to see the move in this industry towards a demand for high quality service. Other companies and industries have significantly prospered from this shift and this mentality strikes a chord with our client's needs. Everyday Greenparc continues to do this for our clients in order to provide superior service as well as bettering the facilities management industry as a whole.


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