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The Greenparc Way

Updated: Dec 12, 2018

Greenparc is not just a company that provides a service; we are a mentality comprised of dedication, determination, loyalty and drive. This attitude permeates our company and was derived from the desire to help others. There has always been a need for a customized cleaning company, and the key to making this a reality is our staff.

By Greenparc Team

Our staff are the back bone that makes this company what it is. Greenparc Staff are valued above all else, because without the intricate, detailed, and superior work of our staff members, this company would blend into the background. The loyalty and drive of our staff propel this company into a customized service, the very execution that Greenparc prides itself on. Recognizing the strength of our staff and allowing them to excel in areas that may even be uncharted territory, is an environment that we foster. We want our staff to have the opportunity to better themselves as well as being able to meaningfully contribute to something bigger than themselves. As a company, we want our staff to reach their full potential in every way.

We strive to empower our staff and in doing so, this only increases the purpose that our staff find in their work. Supporting our staff allows them the freedom to thrive in this company. Greenparc recognizes the dedication and hard work of our staff members and this shows us the true nature of our staff: talented, determined and dedicated workers. But what’s more, the loyalty of our staff is what makes this company what it is today. We depend on each other and trust each other to the fullest. The ability to trust our staff is essential in having a strong and reliable team. From the smallest bit of dirt to the messes that seem never ending, the effort and quality is there in every ring of a mop and every streak free window. We are all moving pieces in this company and we must work together in order to execute the superior service we pride ourselves on.

We take great pride being a part of the Greenparc team. One can be taught how to clean, but one cannot be forced into caring. This is a trait that is inherent in some and one that we seek in our staff members. We trust them to uphold the Greenparc values and standards that are fostered throughout this company. The truth is that the Greenparc way is routed in the core of this company because Eoin Heavey built this company from his heart and that has made all the difference.

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