Poland Spring is the #1 Natural Spring Water Brand in the Northeast region (Nielsen Northeast FDMX Calendar Year to date 9/10/11). We Recycle - Our 5 gallon containers are returnable and can be washed, sanitized, and reused many times over their life span. Poland Spring Natural Spring Water is continually tested through a 10 step quaility process that meets standards even more stringent than those set by the EPA and FDA. We are in the process of converting all of our 5 gallon containers to a Biphenanol free plastic. Sourced only from carefully selected natural springs, every drop of Poland Spring is filtered naturally beneath the Earth. All 5 Gallon Poland Spring containers come with a built in handle for easy moving and lifting. Each 5 gallon container comes with a no spill cap option for easy loading on your water cooler. Branding may change based on location.

Natural Spring Water Jug, 5 Gallon


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