Facility Audit
  • Audit an existing commercial space in order to ensure effective maintenance solutions are in place


  • Propose changes and solutions to benefit potential clients both financially and operationally


  • Review existing contracts and proposals to spot inaccuracies and other cost saving opportunities

  • Cleaning of general commercial areas including offices, toilets, and
    retail spaces


  • Replenishing of consumables (toilet rolls, soap, etc.)

  • Litter picking

  • Reactive response

  • Day-to-day running of facilities catered specifically to each office


  • Event setup


  • General maintenance and upkeep


  • Supplies, food and drink replenishment

  • Healthy snack and fruit delivery


  • Flower delivery


  • Health and wellness options


  • On-demand plumber, locksmith, electrician, etc


  • All upgrade works required for the upkeep and improvement of office space


  • Carpet deep cleaning

The Green Parc 15

The following supplies/tools are also supplied as well as replenishment as needed:

  1. Mop

  2. Mop Side Bucket

  3. Detergent for washing floors

  4. Broom

  5. Dustpan

  6. Hand duster/ extendable duster

  7. Service rags

  8. Scrub Sponges

  9. All-purpose Cleaner

  10. Window/Glass Cleaner

  11. Toilet Cleaner

  12. Toilet Scrub Brush

  13. Gloves

  14. Large Trash bags *Only for after hours cleaning service - as needed*

  15. Large recycle bags *Only for after hours cleaning service - as needed*

General Tasks

Tasks to be completed (tailored to client needs)


Common Areas & Conference Rooms


  • Dust all window sills, lights, ledges

  • Wipe all counter surfaces, cabinets

  • Wipe chairs and tables

  • Vacuum carpet areas

  • Wipe down glass doors

  • Collect and wash dishes

  • Clean and dust desks, conference rooms

  • Tidy conference rooms

  • Dust light fixtures




  • Empty all trash cans and change all liners   from entire space

  • Break down and take out boxes

  • Take trash and recycling out to designated  location




  • Clean and disinfect mirrors, sinks, faucets and toilets

  • Mop floors

  • Restock all dispensers


Hard Surface Floor Carpets


  • Sweep/dust floors

  • Mop floors as needed

  • Vacuum carpets


Kitchen & Pantry (if applicable)


  • Restock products (paper towel, coffee/tea,     soap)

  • Clean machines (coffee/tea, microwave, refrigerator)

  • Run dishwasher, unload and put away all cups dishes, and utensils

  • Wipe down counters, sinks, cabinets etc.

  • Mop floor

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