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  • Payroll processing, taxes, filings 

  • Employee Insurance

  • Task List and Standard Operating Procedures Creation

  • Recruitment, onboarding, background checks, training

  • Scheduling, Shift Changes/Call out management


  • Housekeeping and Houseman Services

  • Hotel Engineering 

  • Bellman/Doorman

  • Security Services

  • Commercial/Office Cleaning

  • Hotel Overnight Cleaning

  • Replenishing of consumables (toilet rolls, soap, supplies, food and drink etc.)


  • Full range of other amenities

  • All upgrade works required for the upkeep and improvement of properties

  • Linen/Laundry Services

  • Carpet Deep Cleaning, Waxing, Buffing Services

  • Marble Cleaning Services

  • Fully-vetted plumber, locksmith, electrician Services 

  • Healthy snack and fruit delivery

  • Flower delivery

  • Coffee Delivery

  • Supplies Ordering (paper towels, toilet paper, mouthwash, hand soap etc.)

COVID Readiness

  • Provide a risk assessment and safety protocols

  • Air and surface testing

  • Provide interpretations of new CDC and EPA guidelines 

  • Screening of employees, ongoing symptom monitoring, interval testing

  • Supply PPE and disinfection equipment

  • Environmental Disinfection services, industrial decontamination

  • Provide virtual safety training

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